Friday, April 20, 2012

University of North Texas Zero Energy Research Laboratory Ribbon Cutting Ceremony, Denton Texas

I attended the ribbon cutting ceremony today for the exciting new net-zero laboratory at UNT's Discovery Park. I am honored to have had a small role in this project, in assisting H2Options with design services for the rainwater harvesting system on the building.

From the brochure:

"Students and faculty will use the lab as a testing ground for present and future sustainable technologies, such as structure integrated insulation, building integrated solar panels, energy efficient windows, energy storage and energy monitoring systems for smart grid, as well as the energy efficiency strategies involving user behaviors and social impacts" 

It appears this is the first building of more to come, since it was mentioned that UNT plans to eventually build a village of net-zero buildings at Discovery Park in Denton.

A variety of VIPs were there for the ceremony, including Representative Myra Crownover, UNT President V. Lane Rawlins, Dr. Yong Tao, Chair of the Mechanical and Energy Engineering Department, and two Denton City Council Members, Dalton Gregory and Pete Kamp, and Jacobs Engineering (architects).

Steven Sweeney and Jeremy Delost of H2Options (now Rainwater Harvesting Systems)

Dr. Yong Tao talking with Steven Sweeney and Jeremy Delost
Councilmember Pete Kamp

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